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Asphalt Shingle Roofing: The Pros & Cons of This Roofing Material

Shingle roofing, particularly asphalt shingle roofing, is a popular roofing option for both residential and commercial buildings. 

Shingle roofing comes in various styles and sizes, so it's essential to choose the right type of shingle roofing based on your home or building design. Here are some pros and cons of shingle roofing:


Low Initial Cost

Asphalt shingle roofing is often one of the least expensive roofing options. Asphalt shingles are an inexpensive roofing material. And, installation costs are affordable, making it a popular roofing choice for homeowners on a budget.

Environmental Friendliness

Shingle roof insulation provides excellent protection from the natural elements and saves energy by reducing your heating and cooling bills, all while complimenting environmentally friendly design trends. 

Many residential and commercial buildings now consider using green building materials when designing their facilities to meet environmental guidelines.

Strong Fire Resistance

Asphalt shingle roof insulation has Class A fire resistance, making it one of the safer roof covering choices for homes located in wildfire zones where roof covering fires are often a serious consideration. 

If you live in an area prone to high winds, wildfires, or damaging storms, choosing roof insulation materials that can stand up against the elements is essential. Asphalt shingles do a great job of protecting homes throughout various weather conditions.

Long-Lasting & Versatile

Asphalt shingle roof insulation is one of the longest-lasting roof coverings available on the market today. It is a desirable roof choice for homeowners who want roofing that will last for decades without needing costly roof repairs. 

Asphalt shingle roof insulation comes in various colors and styles. Choosing your ideal roof design is easy whether you have a modern home or historic building to roof. 

Since asphalt shingle roofing is so versatile, it's easy to find roofing that blends well with existing roof designs, so you don't have to force your roof design to fit your home or building style. They are very durable once installed properly. 

Many roof shingles come with warranties that last for 30years or more, and roof replacement costs only come around every 20 to 30 years.

Diverse Style Options

Shingle roof insulation provides homeowners with a wide variety of roof design options, so it's easy to find roofing that blends well with your existing roof design. It comes in an assortment of colors and styles.

The color range for asphalt shingles roofing is broad, and roofing manufacturers have a full line of roof shingle styles available. 

If you need roof materials that will protect not only your roof but also your home or building's style, then roofing appears to be the most cost-effective option.

Low Maintenance

Shingle roofing is one of the most low-maintenance roofing options available. It doesn't require constant roof repairs, and it's easy to care for, so you won't spend a lot of time or money getting your roof ready for winter.


Not Energy Efficient

Although asphalt shingle roof insulation does a great job of protecting homes from the elements, it doesn't do the best job when it comes to insulating houses in the winter. 

In addition, asphalt shingle roof insulation provides minimal energy efficiency during the summer months. This makes it an unattractive choice for homeowners who want roofing that reduces their cooling bills and their heating bills.

If you live in an area where both heating and cooling costs are a concern, choose roof insulation materials that provide extra.

Limited Design Options

Shingle roof insulation may not be the best choice. If you're looking to redesign your roof entirely due to its limited style options. If you want additional design flexibility, other roof types, such as metal roofing or tile roofing, might be better for you. This is because they offer more diverse style choices.

Roof Cost

The roof will need to be replaced every 20 to 30 years, which adds on some high costs over time. An asphalt roof costs on average $100 per square, but this does not include the roofing contractor's fee.

Short Lifespan

Unfortunately, roof shingles have a limited lifespan between 20 to 30 years. This is much shorter than many other roof coverings. This means that homeowners will have to replace their roofs more frequently, reducing unnecessary costs over time. 

If you want long-lasting roof insulation, then metal roof or tile roof covering might be more suitable roofing options for you.

Requires Professional Installation

Roofing Welland - Roofing Solutions Pros & Cons Of Shingle Roofing - a roofer's hand on asphalt shingle roof

While rooftop shingles DIY installation is possible, some roof companies recommend hiring a professional contractor to help with the installation. This is because improper installation of roof shingles can cause roof leaks and roof damage.

Shingle roof insulation also requires more roof ventilation than other roof types. Your roofer must include this in their roof design plan before starting any rooftop shingle work on your house.

High Refuse Costs

Asphalt shingle roof insulation can often contain hazardous chemicals. That means their disposal might be more costly than other roof insulation materials. 

In some cases, you may have to pay extra fees — when professionals dispose of your old asphalt roof shingles. 

Some roofers offer landfill-free disposal for roofing removal projects as a service. However, it can still lead to higher refuse fees depending on the quantity.

Roof Damage

Roof shingles can be damaged by hail or siding that falls onto the roof. Damaged roofing almost always needs to be quickly repaired. Homeowners need to take steps to keep trees and other tall plants from falling on roofs in a storm.

Roof Leaks

Shingle roofing is not the best option for homes near the ocean with frequent or severe storms. Water can get underneath or between roof shingles, eventually leading to roof leaks if left untreated.

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