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We offer a complete range of services for your home:

Roof Repair

Roof damage can cause further damage to attics and ceilings, mold and mildew issues, compromised structural integrity, as well as fire hazards. A leaky roof could pose a fire threat from shorted wires in your attic or ceiling.

Contact us for professional roof repair solutions. We are reliable roofers with decades of experience.

Roof Replacement

A new roof can help improve the energy efficiency, resale value, visual appeal, and structural integrity of your home. When it comes to roofing in Niagara, we have the greatest selection of products and services to give you a precision roofing experience.

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    Custom Roofscapes

    You want your roof to be beautiful as well as functional. Whether you’re in a custom-built home or something more suburban our roofers would love to work with you to create a unique and beautiful custom roofscape.


    New siding is a transformative home upgrade. It’s a great way to show your distinctive tastes and it adds great value and aesthetic appeal.

    Our siding contractors would love to work with you to look at the different siding options available.

    Home Energy Audits

    Because hot air rises, most heat loss in a building goes right through the roof. Leaks in attic floors are the main cause of this, draining 30 to 50 percent of a home's heating energy. Some of these gaps are for wiring and pipes, while others result from poor craftsmanship and the normal settling of the building.

    At Welland Roofing and Siding, we work with the best roofing companies in Niagara to find the source of your energy drain and provide quality roofing and attic solutions to keep your home efficient and cost-effective. Contact us today and stop paying to heat the neighborhood.

    Precision Roofing and Siding! Guaranteed!

    Our measurements are exact and our customer service is complete. For the best roofing experience possible, give Welland roofing and siding a call today!

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