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Roofing in Welland: Installing Solar Panels

The best approach to be energy-efficient and environmentally responsible in Welland is to use solar panels installed in roofing systems. The panels can supply enough solar power to supply your house with electricity.

Solar panels are an excellent investment, mainly because our planet is heating up at an alarming rate and global warming is a critical issue today.

We should be concerned about how we might cut our power usage. Solar panels have an anticipated initial life of approximately 20 years. You could end up saving a considerable amount of money over that time span.

Benefits of using solar energy:

  1. Reduces Electric Bills
  2. Non- Polluting 
  3. Comes from an inexhaustible source
  4. Generates local revenues and jobs
  5. Low maintenance costs
  6. Reduces dependence on energy imports

Are you prepared to go solar? Before doing so, keep these points in mind.


One of the first things you need to consider when installing solar panels on roofing systems is their condition. It's not enough that they work - if there are cracks or other structural problems, this can cause significant issues with power production and potential safety risks.

It is best to have a professional look at your roof before you consider installing solar panels.


The sun's natural energy is the source of solar panels' power. The best place to have this installed was in sunny areas. 


There are several other costs you will have to think about. Installation is a considerable expense, as well as the expected life expectancy of the panels and any available discounts from your local government or utility company. 

It would help if you also considered other benefits of going solar, such as tax rebates and credits for excess energy sold back to the local utility company.

Grid, Off-grid, and Hybrid System

There are three different types of solar systems that you can choose from.

Grid-Tied system

This is the most common type of photovoltaic (PV) system. The main components are solar panels, inverters, batteries, and a grid interconnection which supplies your house with power from the mains electricity supply or an alternative source such as a diesel generator.

Off-Grid system

The main components of this type of PV solar system are the same as with the grid-tied system. However, it has no connection to the mains electricity supply.

Hybrid System

This is well-suited to use for new builds or where there is some other reason you cannot or do not want to be connected to the mains electricity supply. The components are very similar to that of an off-grid system. However, they usually have no battery bank.

The most popular solar energy system in use today is a grid-tied solar power system. These operate exactly like any other standard electrical appliance in your home once installed and linked up to the local electricity mains. 

Roofing Systems:  Roofing in Welland: Installing Solar Panels  - solar panels on the roof with a technician working

Finding a Solar Panel Installer 

Finding a reputable company that installs solar panels is vital. This should be someone you can trust and rely on as they work with your home and belongings. It would be best to look for an experienced installer of solar energy systems, preferably one that has worked in several roofing systems in the geographical area where you live.

So when you consider solar panels for your home, keep these points in mind to ensure a smooth and cost-efficient installation.

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